Office Plants and Interior Landscapes

Unlike many larger firms that tend to offer standard plant displays to all their clients, at Harradine Garden Services we tailor our displays to each individual client.

Our specialist interior landscape advisor assesses the growing conditions for each environment and suggests which plants are suitable or whether silk displays would be more appropriate.

Our interior landscape specialist has a wealth of experience installing and maintaining everything from desktop displays to large atria.

These sites include:

  • Head offices of a major oil companies
  • Head offices of a major insurance companies
  • Private homes of businessmen and VIPs


Office Planter Styles

It's not just about the plants - getting the right planter for your environment is very important.

There are a wide variety of styles, colours and finishes to choose from:

  • Steel or aluminium
  • Ceramic or terracotta
  • Classic or contemporary
  • Refined or funky
  • Natural or industrial

Whatever your taste, whatever your style and wherever your imagination takes you, we can find the planter for you and your company.