The evenings are getting lighter, and the weather is slowly beginning to improve. As the days get warmer and you begin to look forward to summer, there are a few jobs that will need doing before you can enjoy your garden. This article outlines 4 things to do in the garden this spring.

Time for a Spring Clean

The first task on the list is to give your garden a spring clean. Rid the garden of any dead or dying plants and dig over the soil ready for replanting. Empty out any dead planting from tubs and revive hanging baskets with spring begging. Violas are always an excellent choice, giving a good show of colour. Plant them up with herbs to give you a fresh supply for the kitchen all summer long.

Although most spring bulbs are planted in October, all is not lost if you haven't yet got round to it. Now is a great time to plant snowdrops. This flower represents rebirth and hope, which is perfect for springtime. Plant them when they are “in the green” (with leaves) so they are ready to appear through the snow next spring, letting us know that the garden is waking up.

It is a good idea to trim back ivy, which might be encroaching on paths, windows and fencing. Sweep paths and patios can clean them with a patio cleaner.

Lawn Care

Looking forward to long afternoons spent sunbathing on a blanket on the lawn? Improving the quality of your lawn can make a big impression to the overall look of your garden. Feed your lawn with a granular feed and apply it with a lawn spreader to ensure even application.

Over-seeding can also be done in the Spring. Although September is a favourite time for this, March and May are also very favourable. The area to be over-seeded should be cut short and scarified to rid the area of old thatching. Choose a good quality seed suited to your lawn. A mix of seed, sand and soil is best.


A well cut hedge at the front of a property makes your home look imposing and burst with curb appeal, getting many admiring glances. However, it is important that this is done properly. At Harradine Garden Services, we cut hedges to the correct batter (a gradual backward slope). This allows the light to reach all areas of the hedge, preventing the bottom part of the hedge going brown.

Look for a Professional Gardner

If doing your own gardening is not at the top of your to-do list, or perhaps your garden is too large or complex for you to manage, now is a good time to call in a professional gardener.

At Harradine Garden Services, we offer professional garden maintenance services to clients in Uxbridge and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We supply all our own equipment and green waste removal is included as standard.