How Green is Your

Green issues are very high on the agenda, and not before time! Working outside with nature, we have certainly noticed the change in the climate.

You may think that all gardeners are green - most of the waste we produce is green and compostable after all.

But what about the fuel used to transport that waste? And what about the fuel used to power our vehicles and machinery? The use of pesticides and loss of habitat and food sources for wildlife are also of major concern. The average neat British garden is a barren place for wildlife - the drop in the sparrow and hedgehog populations has been blamed, in part, on the loss of garden habitats.

We Help to Protect the Environment

To reduce our carbon emissions we:

  • Plan our site rounds and routes to reduce mileage
  • Avoid travelling during the busiest times
  • Keep tools on the vans to the minimum so that more waste can be transported per trip, thereby reducing mileage
  • Encourage the re-use of green waste on-site where possible, such as through compost bins or mulching
  • Loose cut lawns where collecting the grass is not necessary for the health or appearance of the lawn, leaving the nutrients to be returned to the soil

To reduce our impact on wildlife we:

  • Cut hedges back hard in the winter where possible, so that we can avoid disturbing nesting birds in the Spring and Summer
  • Keep pesticide use to a minimum and only use appropriate pesticides, at the right time of year and in the right conditions


To encourage wildlife, where possible we:

  • Prune shrubs in a manner that maintains cover for nesting birds
  • Prune berry-producing shrubs in a manner that encourages berries that feed wildlife
  • Establish log piles for beneficial invertebrates
  • Establish wildflower areas
  • Provide and maintain nest boxes
  • Provide "Bug Hotels" for beneficial insects

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